Grant Bartel

Founder & Lead Fintech Writer

Simple and plain, I love to write. Blog posts, whitepapers, email marketing copy, website copy, social media copy, or anything else. If you're looking for fintech content marketing from an experience fintech content writer, you came to the right place.

As an experienced fintech writer who's worked as a software developer, quant, and product manager in the tech and financial services industries, I know my way around the lingo and the audience. Let me help you grab your audience's attention, increase your conversions, and ultimately grow your fintech business.

Grant Bartel

More About Me

It all started after I graduated from college in Washington State with an engineering degree. I thought I wanted to build products all the way down to the electronics, but realized building software was far more enjoyable. "Wait, I can create products within a day instead of months?"  That's when I threw myself straight into coding and transformed myself into a professional software developer.

Since then, I've worked at a lot of great companies tackling a diverse set of problems. From business intelligence at Microsoft to artificial intelligence at startup in Barcelona. However, the most memorable and rewarding work experiences came after having worked as a quant at Allianz Global Investors as well as a product manager at Compass Mining.

With over 10 years of professional work experience in the tech and financial services industries and over 5 years of experience as a fintech writer, I know how to take complex, technical topics and turn them into interesting, compelling content that'll engage your fintech company's prospects and help turn them into paying customers.

Let me leverage my in-depth experience to help you grow your fintech business. If you're looking for a team of fintech writers who can communicate well and deliver high-quality content on time, set up a time to chat using the calendar below.

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